Each year most of us either sell or give away t-shirts as part of our summer uniform. When you sell them it’s pretty easy to track in the Point of Sale or Checkout Pages. But what if you are buying t-shirts in advance and not getting pre-orders? What if you are giving them away?

How do we get an accurate count so you don’t end up with a box of 20 t-shirts in September that are all the sizes that nobody needs?

This year (out of frustration as I stare at a useless box of 2022 t-shirts all YXS and YS and Adult L) I came up with a solution that I think will do the trick. And it can be reset and reused each year with minimal work after the initial setup.

This process will allow you to survey members on their size using a Spark form, have a custom field with their size added to their profile, and have a tag added with their size for easy export/counting.

  1. Go into Settings (on the main menu), Custom Fields, and create a custom field called 2023 T-Shirt Size.
  2. Go into Tags (on the main menu) and create a tag for each t-shirt size. I call mine T-Shirt-2023-YXS, T-Shirt-2023-YS, T-Shirt-2023-YM, etc. By naming them T-shirt at the beginning they will all appear on your tags list together since it is alphabetical and not sortable. I did not start it with 2023 because I didn’t want 20 tags for t-shirts showing up at the top of my tag list.
  3. Go to Forms/Surveys on the menu and create a new form called 2023 T-Shirts or something like that.
  4. Tap the Additional Fields button and add a paragraph field.
  5. Tap the Required Fields button and add those (name, email, phone).
  6. Tap the Addional Fields button Add a radio group.
  7. For the paragraph block just put something like. To confirm we have enough supply of t-shirts for this summer please take a moment to let us know your size etc.
  8. In the required group no modifications are necessary unless you want to change first name to student name or something like that. I do so parents don’t put in their name.
  9. In the radio group check the required box on top.
  10. In the radio group you will see a pull down menu that says Map this to a SPARK field. Select your new custom field 2023 T-Shirt Size.
  11. In the radio group add/edit the radio items and make them the tshirt sizes, YXS, YS, YM, YL YXL, S, M, L, XL, 2XL.
  12. Next to each item you’ll see a pull down for tags. Select the tag that matches the radio item. Ignore the points and correct answer columns.
  13. Scroll down to settings you’ll see 2 tabs. General and Style and Theme. Select Style and Theme and set your font size to 15 and spacing to 30. That will make all those choices look nicer on screen. You can also change the button color there and the button text if you want to.
  14. Switch back to the general settings tab and make sure you have named your new form.
  15. In the “After they fill out this form, what website URL would you like them to be redirected to? (leave blank if none)” field I always redirect them somewhere. Otherwise they will be taken back to the form and some members are not sure if it processed correctly etc. I just send them to my website after the thank you.
  16. The only other boxes I check off on the bottom are the “Show Title” and “Show Company Name / Logo” I don’t show the form description, etc.
  17. Under the regular tags I also don’t check off any others. If I need to chase down non-responders it’s easy enough to do a text or email and exclude anyone who has already gotten one of the other t-shirt size tags.

And that’s it.. you’re all set up! Do a quick test yourself and then you just need to text your members the link to the form and you’ll start gathering sizes.

When you are ready to place your t-shirt order and need the final count just go to Tags on the menu and scroll down to T-Shirts-2023- and youll see them all listed there. You can also view who has selected each size.

When it’s time to distribute them you can easily print up a list or just go to their profile page and the new custom field with the T-Shirt will now be there.

This kind of process can be applied to anything you need to survey your members about and get a count. I hope this is useful, or maybe gives you some ideas to save some time, money, and avoid some headaches.