As most of you know the mobile carriers implemented the 10DLC rules on July 5th and we have all been navigating the compliance process. What we did not realize was the way the filtering would end up working especially when the texts have links.

Today we were testing some new Spark CRM automations that sent a link to a web page with testing requirements and info. After a few tests the messages never came through. Then we did some tests of SMS without links and they did arrive but took 15 minutes from the time we sent them.

We have tested this with a few different schools running SMS in their automations and it seems to be happening across the board but with mobile carriers the only way you’ll know for sure is to do some testing in your system with your number.

Spark confirmed there was no blocks on the numbers. They could not give me a time frame on the compliance process which is understandable since everyone is waiting on the mobile carriers which is out of their control.

Nobody knows yet if this will be resolved when the final compliance approvals are done. Will messages with links start being sent again or will they be filtered moving forward? Is it everyone or just some numbers on some carriers? Only their algorithm knows…

Our advice: Any automations that include texts with links should also be sent by email at the same time until you receive your final compliance approval (on Spark your status is across the top of your dashboard).

Hope this helps alleviate some frustration over the next few weeks as our final mobile carrier compliance approval comes through.